World's First Space Hotel 

Scheduled To Open in 2025

You'll Soon Be Able To Sleep

Among the stars, literally; no jokes about renting an Airbnb in Hollywood or anything of the like here, folks.

A New Startup, Orbital Assembly

Corporation, announced Tuesday it hopes to launch its first space hotel at some point in 2025.

In Short, It Is Set

To be the first privately-operated, habitable, free-flying station to orbit the planet.

Ahead Of Its Larger Voyager Station

Something that will eventually accommodate upwards of 400 people — Orbital Assembly announced a smaller model called the Pioneer Space Station.

The Pioneer Will Be

Able to host 28 guests and pods can be customized based on certain commercial requirements.

Both Pioneer And Voyager Are Set To

Be just a pair of the many private projects companies are working with NASA on as more businesses look.

Blackouts Feared As Solar  By Our Sun

Storms Shot Towards Earth