Where will NASA set up 

its moon base?

NASA aims to set up

a crewed outpost near the moon's south pole, calling it "our first foothold on the lunar frontier." 

 The ingredients for that

 encampment, known as Artemis Base Camp, are an unpressurized rover to transport astronauts around the site

The ingredients also

 include the surface habitat itself, which will be capable of housing four humans at a time. 

Domicile niceties are 

requirements for a sustained human presence on the moon that can be revisited and built upon over the coming decades

Mission planners are 

looking for spots that feature easy access to solar energy, good communication linkage with Earth, and modest slopes 

Shackleton-de Gerlache Ridge

area is a prime target because  has adequate access to communication and nearby solar resources, and modest slopes traversing

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