When to See the Eta Aquarid 

Meteor Shower Peak

Shooting Stars...

From the Eta Aquarid meteor shower will be streaking across the sky this week.

Peak Meteor-Peeping Starts Tonight

Thursday, May 5, but it will continue into Friday night, which is the peak viewing time of this year’s Eta Aquarid show.

You Should...

Still be able to see some shooting stars on Saturday and Sunday, as well.

Viewing Conditions Are...

Perfect this year. A sliver of moon that sets relatively early ensures a darker sky.

If You Are In The Northern Hemisphere

Expect to see 10-20 meteors an hour emanating from the constellation Aquarius, specifically from the star Eta Aquarii.

Make Sure

You get as far away from city lights as possible for the best viewing experience, though.

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