When To Observe The  showers This Month

Spectacular Meteor

In A Few Days Time

Astronomy lovers have the opportunity to feast their eyes on one of the most beautiful astronomical phenomena of the month of April.

The discovery of this star which has been nicknamed 'Earendel' sets a new benchmark for NASA as the star was formed in the first billion years after the Universe was formed.

As Always Coinciding With

the start of spring, and the Easter festivities, the annual Lyrids meteor showers will occur.

According To The

National Geographic Institute (IGN), the Lyrid meteor shower – the second meteor shower of the year – will take place between April 16 and 25.

This Astronomical Spectacle

can be seen both from the northern hemisphere, as well as from the south, although in our part of the world they will be observed travelling at a slower rate.

As IGN Explain

“The Lyrids have an average activity rate of 20 meteors per hour, and a speed of 49km per second for several days.

Despite Being A Dicreet 

Meteor shower, some years the rate of activity increases to more than 100 meteors per hour, but it is difficult to predict in which year these outbursts will occur”

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