What Is 'Space Jellyfish',  Southern US This Week?

Why Was Spotted Over

In The Wee Morning

 hours of Thursday , a camera in Waycross, Georgia, witnessed a mysterious object streaking through the sky.

Of Course, As Combs Pointed Out

 this space jelly was no UFO – it was a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launching from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, roughly 250 miles (400 kilometers) south of the camera.

Dozens Of Rockets Leave The

 launchpad at Kennedy every year, but few of them could rightly be mistaken for a bioluminescent invertebrate in the sky.

According To Combs

it's a combination of physics and perfect timing.

The Reason The Exhaust

takes on such a bulbous shape has to do with the pressure difference inside and outside the nozzle.

Thursday Morning Around

5:45 am local time (09:45 am UTC)), light from the sun came from just over the horizon, illuminating up the exhaust plume, causing it to glow brightly against the dark sky.

Physics Plus Perfect Timing

 equals space jellyfish. A simple equation for a high-altitude spectacle.