Watch The Humans To 

Mars Summit 2022

A big Mars discussion

 is coming to Washington, D.C. starting Tuesday (May 17).

The three-day event hosted by

Explore Mars, features panel discussions and speakers from across the space industry, as well as NASA and international entities.

The event will be hosted at

 George Washington University and you can register for various attendance options on EventBrite. You can also catch a livestream.

The event is taking place after

 a notable year for space tourism and private space exploration efforts, including flights by Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Axiom Space

Mars exploration is also

 accelerating, with several countries having sent new missions to the Red Planet in 2021.

H2M 2022 will not only examine

how humans will return to the surface of the moon by the mid-2020s and then travel to Mars by the mid-2030s

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