Watch Spacex Launch 59  Rocket Today.

Small Satellites and Land a

SpaceX will launch 59

 small satellites to orbit and land the returning rocket today (May 25), and you can watch the action live.

A two-stage Falcon 9

 rocket is scheduled to lift off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida today during a 57-minute window that opens at 2:27 p.m. EDT on a mission called Transporter 5

If all goes according to plan,

 the Falcon 9's first stage will come back to Earth for a vertical touchdown at Cape Canaveral's Landing Zone 1 about nine minutes after launch.

Transporter 5 is a 

"rideshare" mission that will loft a variety of small satellites for a number of different customers. 

One of those customers is

Canada-based GHGSat, which operates a network of spacecraft that detect methane emissions from orbit. Three GHGSat spacecraft are going up on today's flight. 

 Transporter 5 will be the

 22nd Falcon 9 launch in 2022 and the 155th for the rocket overall. The mission will also mark the eighth flight of this particular Falcon 9 first stage

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