Used Teslas Are Being  Profits

Flipped for Impressive

Due to high demand

 and low supply, used Teslas and other EVs in the US are selling well, and at impressive prices.

According to research by 

Recurrent Auto, used electric vehicles are selling for record profits, and this is leading to owners flipping their vehicles

Owners are taking 

advantage of simple supply and demand and buyers are paying a premium to overcome the scarcity. 

Used electric vehicles

 are selling for 25% higher on average compared to the same time last year

Some vehicles are more

affected than others, such as Ford Mustang Mach-E which, in used condition, is selling for 60% more than last year

Someone who bought a

Model 3 last April can expect their vehicle to sell for $10,000 to $16,000 more compared to when they bought it

Another supermoon rises 

this month