Us Launches $3.5 Billion  from Air

Program to Remove Carbon

The Money Will Be Used

To construct four different "hubs" nationwide to suck carbon dioxide out of the air and permanently store it.

The Federal

Government is banking big on the idea of a climate change “undo” button.

On Thursday, The U.S. Department

Of Energy declared its official intent to fund $3.5 billion in carbon dioxide removal via direct air capture.

Biden Administration’s Aim To Pour

Billions of dollars into developing giant machines to suck greenhouse gas out of the sky and permanently store carbon dioxide—which both is and isn’t as crazy at is sounds.

The Newly Confirmed DOE Funding

Was first outlined in the infrastructure bill passed last year, and is part of $6.5 billion promised in the law for carbon management.

The Money Will Be

Used to build four direct air capture “hubs” positioned in different regions around the country.

Dozens of Ohio Companies  Nasa Leader Says

Boosting New Moonshot,