Ukrainian Startup Conducts  Devouring' Rocket

Tests for Engine of 'Self-

Ukrainian rocket company 

Promin Aerospace, is currently developing an ultralight launch vehicle, has conducted a new series of studies on its unique engine.

With each new experiment

, engineers are improving the design by testing different variations of the engine assembly.

The concept of the rocket

 is based on autophagic, or "self-devouring," technology, which was proposed by Promin Aerospace's chief technical officer

In an autophagic rocket,

 the hull would be used as solid rocket fuel, in addition to other propellants carried on board.

During the rocket's flight,

  the body is consumed, allowing for a reduction in mass as it travels and leaving no debris once the flight is completed.

 As the engine technology 

is unique, all tests had to be designed by the engineering team from scratch, while detecting and eliminating defects.

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