TikTok Versus Reels

Battle Set to Intensify

The video shorts battle of

 TikTok versus Reels looks set to intensify. After Instagram copied the 15- to 60-second video short feature from TikTok

Reels differ from normal 

Instagram videos but the company is now considering turning all Instagram videos into Reels.

Creators get access to

a music library, more filters, and editing tools Other users can include your original audio in their videos

 Meta is also 

offering Facebook users the option to convert their videos to Reels.

The move is driven by 

the ever-growing popularity of bite-size video, with viewing time more than doubling since last year.

 Reels in particular are

 a growth hack because every Reel posted provides source material for other users to create further Reels.

Giant Comet Is Now   It

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