Physicists Are Startled by This  'Freezes' When Heated

Magnetic Material That

When disordered magnetic 

 materials are cooled to just the right temperature, The spins of their atoms 'freeze' and lock into place in a static pattern.

Now for the first time 

 when fractionally heated, the naturally occurring magnetic element neodymium freezes.

"It's quite counterintuitive,

 like water that becomes an ice cube when it's heated up." 

In a conventional

 ferromagnetic material, such as iron, the magnetic spins of the atoms all align in the same direction 

But in some materials, 

 such as some alloys of copper and iron, the spins are quite random. This state is known as spin glass.

Pure neodymium was

only two years ago that physicists determined this material described as a self-induced spin glass.

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