The US’ Ev Incentives Are 

Being Updated

After the introduction of

infrastructure spending earlier this year, US states have introduced new laws and incentives related to electric vehicles

 With new incentives being 

proposed consistently, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has now dedicated a new page on its site for new EV laws

The map shows that the

total number of state-level EV laws and incentives ranges from 6 (many midwestern and mountain states) all the way to 136 (California). 

 This explosion in 

incentives comes in the wake of the Infrastructure Spending bill being passed earlier this year

State-level incentives can 

be helpful for EV buyers, but they can also be incredibly complex as they often involve a number of stipulations

Now may be the best time

to buy a new electric vehicle.  However, you should check your specific state for the stipulations that apply to you

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Deal Dismissed