The Probability Of Life On  Just Got A Lot Higher

Jupiter's Moon Europa 

Human Beings Have Long Looked  

 to the stars and hoped that alien life might look back at us. 

Yet The Truth Is That

The first extraterrestrial life we discover is far more likely to be microbial 

A Prospect Less Romantic

 perhaps than the idea of bipedal aliens shaking hands with humans after landing on Earth. 

Such Microbial Life Has Been

 theorized to have existed in the early days of Mars, before its water dried up, though we still don't know for certain. 

Now, Astrobiologists Are Turning Their

Gaze towards another nearby neighbor, Europa  an icy gray moon of Jupiter  as a suddenly much more alluring candidate for simple life. 

Renewed Interest In Europa's

Potential to harbor life stems from a new study about the peculiar moon. 

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