The Daring Spacecraft Is  Doom

Being Sucked Into Fiery

For the past three years

 a tiny loaf-of-bread-sized LightSail 2 spacecraft with gigantic wings has been sailing on sunbeams in low Earth orbit

 LightSail 2 has far

 exceeded its life expectancy and proven that solar sails can indeed be used to fly spacecraft.

The LightSail 2 launched in

June 2019 and unfurled its 344-square-foot (32-square-meter) solar sail a month later.

But its journey around our

planet is sadly coming to an end, as Earth’s atmosphere drags the spacecraft downward 

Lightsail 2 is losing

its altitude. it came down to 390 miles down from about 446 miles at the beggning of the mission

The spacecraft will be 

moving so quickly that it will create an energetic pressure wave ahead of it, causing the air around it to heat up and burn LightSail into a fiery shroud.

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