Tesla Now at Risk of  Autopilot Crashes

Massive Recall Over

(NHTSA) is significantly widening

 its investigation into Tesla Autopilot crashes to include almost every car the company has sold in the United States

The agency has been investigating

 Tesla crashes involving the driving-assistance software, and is aware of at least 15 injuries and one death

That occurred when either Autopilot

 or Full Self-Driving (FSD), an optional $12,000 package that adds several Autopilot enhancements, was activated.

The agency's latest announcement

 serves to notify the public that its "preliminary evaluation" into Tesla was being upgraded to an "engineering analysis,"

And would be broadly probing

 830,000 cars — almost every single car the electric carmaker has sold between 2014 & 2021, including the Model S, X, 3, &Y

The investigation upgrade,

is a critical next step in the government's decision whether or not to issue a recall for Teslas

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