Texas made- Tesla Model y hour

charges 0-97% in under 1

A Texas-made Tesla

 Model Y with 4680 battery cells has been able to complete a charging session from 0% to 97% in 52 minutes. 

Tesla advocate Ryan Levenson 

of The Kilowatts, recently took delivery of a Texas-made Dual Motor Model y equipped with the company’s highly-anticipated 4680 battery cells

The Model Y was plugged in

 at 12:25 a.m. with 0 miles of range remaining, and by 1:17 a.m., it was unplugged with 270 miles of range. 

Charging from 0% to 97% in

52 minutes is very impressive, considering that the vehicle started its charging session when it was technically “empty.

It appears that Tesla’s 

4680-equipped electric cars have some capabilities and advantages that are not openly discussed by the company.

Tesla has been pretty 

tight-lipped about the actual advantages offered by 4680 cells, especially compared to the 2170 cells  

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