This Tesla Cybertruck  is Straight out of Tron Movies

Inspired Bike Called Model M

An Electric Café Racer-Inspired

Motorcycle that captures EV giant Tesla's vision. An eco-friendly personal mode of transportation has been imagined by a two-wheeler designer.

The Tesla Cyberturck

Inspired futuristic e-bike concept will capture the imagination of the motor-heads.

The Model M Bike

Which bears more than a passing resemblance to the Cybertruck

Is Designed

For those city dwellers who enjoy a weekend excursion in the tranquil hills.

The Bike’s Forward-Leaning

Position is inspired by cafe racers, while the presence of geometric lines is inspired by architectural trends.

Because the Model M is

Designed for cramped urban environments, going for detachable handlebars is absolutely appropriate.

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