Elon Musk Says Tesla Will  by 10%

Reduce Salaried Headcount

Elon Musk reportedly 

sent an email to company executives stating the automaker may reduce its employee headcount by 10 percent

Tesla CEO Elon also 

sent another email to all employees confirming the company is “overstaffed in many areas.”

Musk sent an email to only

 executives with the subject line “pause all hiring worldwide.” Musk stated he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy, 

Musk stated in a series 

of emails earlier this week that employees would be required to spend 40 hours per week in a Tesla office

The email that was

 sent company-wide is different from the initial email, which was never leaked in its entirety. 

Tesla still

  maintains thousands of job postings on its Careers webpage.

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