Tesla Catches Fire in  After Accident

Sacramento Yard 3 Weeks

 Firefighters extinguished the 

flames engulfing a Tesla Model S that had been sitting in a Sacramento wrecking yard for three weeks after an accident

The vehicle sat parked

 in a wrecking yard for 3 wks after a vehicle accident (not involving fire), and then caught fire in the yard

 Metro Fire of Sacramento stated 

Our crews were dispatched and ensured the vehicle was extinguished after well over an hour of firefighting operation

Tesla Model S fire 

started in the vehicle’s battery compartment. Firefighters had difficulty extinguishing the flames 

Metro Fire and workers from

the wrecking year turned the Model S on its side to expose the battery compartment and get to the root of the flames. 

The battery cells 

continued to reignite even after firefighters sprayed water onto the battery compartment directly. 

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