'Supermoon' Season  Strawberry Moon on June 14

Continues with the Full

June's full moon

 is the second of four back-to-back "supermoons" and comes just a week before summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Full Strawberry

 Moon of June 14 may appear ever-so-slightly bigger and brighter than usual when it rises this month

Moon will be the second

 of four consecutive supermoons that you can see through the summer, which comes to the Northern Hemisphere June 21.

 The next full 

moons after that will be July 13 and August 11.

The supermoon is defined 

as a full moon that comes within 90% of its perigee, or closest point in the orbit to Earth. 

Full moons are a fun time 

to observe lunar features, as the rest of the sky will be washed out by the light. With the naked eye, you can see the vast highlands and lowlands of the moon

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