Sugar Found in Ocean Bed   of Coke

Equivalent to "32 Billion Cans

Scientists from the

Max Planck Institute have found mountains of sugar beneath seagrass meadows across the world's oceans.

Seagrass meadows are

 extremely efficient at capturing carbon, and are one of the world's top carbon capturing ecosystems.

According to the institute, 

one square kilo­metre of seagrass stores al­most twice as much car­bon as forests on land, and 35 times as fast.

When the seabed around 

these meadows were inspected, it was found to have massive amounts of sugar in their soil systems.

Scientists explains that

 the massive amounts of sugar are about 80 times higher than previously measured in marine environments

While this is an

 extremely new discovery, seagrass meadows are among the most threatened habitats on Earth.

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