Strange Star Managed to  Explosion

Survive the Nuclear

The Catastrophic

Explosion of a star is known as a supernova, an eruption of thermonuclear supernova.

According to Theory

The formation of a white dwarf marks the end of the progenitor star's existence.

These Type La

Thermonuclear supernovae are among the most crucial instruments in astronomers' arsenal - measurement tools for the distances between stars.

The Star Is Believed to Be

Fully unbound by the explosion, which is the type of explosion utilized as a standardized candle for cosmology.

Astronomers Used the Hubble Space

Telescope to study the unique thermonuclear supernova Sn 2012Z. They made the startling realisation that the star had survived the explosion.

The Star

Had not only survived, but it had become considerably brighter since the explosion. 

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