Spectacular Hubble Image  Galaxy

Captures 'Grand Spiral'

This sky full of

 stars from the Hubble Space Telescope is, to quote Coldplay, a heavenly view.

It's a galactic image 

from the telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 and Advanced Camera for Surveys, focusing on NGC 3631.

The spiral arms 

of the "Grand Design Spiral", as this object is nicknamed, are absolutely brimming with starbirth.

The color blue represents 

visible wavelengths of blue, and orange is showcasing infrared or heat-rich areas that are otherwise difficult to see due to dust in the way.

Star formation in 

spiral [galaxies] is similar to a traffic jam on the interstate," NASA said in a statement

Situated 53 million 

light-years from Earth, NGC 3631 is found in the constellation Ursa Major and represents one of many galaxies

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