Spacex's  Work in Texas   Chica Beach Access

Spurs Lawsuit Over Boca

A judge is expected to 

hear a lawsuit June 1 concerning access restrictions to a South Texas beach amid SpaceX activities for the Starship program .

The Sierra Club, the Carrizo

 Tribe of Texas and non-profit Save RGV have joined together in a lawsuit against the Texas General Land Office, Texas land commissioner George P. Bush and Cameron County

Law suit is for closing 

Boca Chica Beach periodically for SpaceX operations during Starship tests, the Sierra Club stated May 5.

The Boca Chica beach is

 near SpaceX's Starbase facility, where it is building Starship rocket prototypes and their massive Super Heavy boosters.

"Restricting access to

 a public beach, as the defendants have done, violates the Texas constitution," the Sierra Club said in a statement.

None of the allegations 

have been proven in court, and the statement does not name SpaceX among the entities pursued in the lawsuit. 

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