SpaceX's Starship Will  Satellites 

Deploy Next-Gen Starlink

SpaceX's Starship vehicle

 will operate like a gigantic flying Pez dispenser on some missions, if all goes according to plan.

When it comes online,

 Starship will be the biggest and most powerful space transportation system ever built.

 SpaceX is developing the

 vehicle to take people and cargo to the moon and Mars and to perform a variety of other spaceflight tasks

Starlink 2.0 satellites

 will be much more capable and much bigger, each of them tipping the scales at about 1.25 tons here on Earth

That's too hefty

 for the Falcon 9 to handle, at least in the big batches that SpaceX likes to loft.


"is the only thing that can carry the Starlink 2 satellites," SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk said

International Space Station & Same Image

Boeing Starliner Captured in