SpaceX’s Starship & Supercharge Space 

NASA’s SLS Could

Astronomers Breathed

A collective sigh of relief as the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) sprung to life.

Getting The $10-Billion Telescope

up and running following its launch on Christmas Day 2021 had been a nerve-racking affair.

JWST would Not Fit Into

any modern rocket without being folded, and it had to rely on hundreds of moving parts to unfurl to full size once in space.

Ultimately Those Efforts Were

successful, and the telescope has started returning some of its first calibration images to thrilled audiences back on Earth.

Yet The Experience Left

many astronomers wondering if there was a simpler way to build and launch telescopes of this size.

NASA's John Blevins Said

“We were worried about the unfolding,” But with a larger rocket, “you don’t have to unfold in space. You can do it on the ground.”

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