Elon Musk Wants  Ready to Launch in July

SpaceX's Biggest Rocket

According to Specialists

In the space business, Elon Musk might not be prepared to launch SpaceX's Starship rocket in July.

The FAA's 75 Steps Must

Be completed by SpaceX by that time, although two experts indicated they were only minor in nature.

Insider Says Musk's Deadlines Are

Consistently very optimistic. Elon wants to launch Starship, largest rocket from SpaceX, ito orbit for first time.

He Intends to Transform the Space

Sector next month with a launch. Following the federal aviation administration's environmental evaluation last week.

Elon Musk Claimed His Business

Will have Starship ready to fly next month and provided insight into SpaceX's plans for the Texas launch site.

Starship Is a 164 Ft High

Giant rocket is completely reusable and its launch would move NASA one step closer to to a moon landing.

The largest star in the 

Milky Way is dying