Spaceship Neptune Will Fly  Space Balloon

Tourists To 100,000 Feet In

A New Entrant Into The Blossoming

Space tourism market says its floating cabins will carry up to eight passengers to the upper atmosphere.

Space Perspective Hopes

To launch cabins to the upper atmosphere under giant space balloons

They'll Take In The Sight

Of Earth's curvature from the comfort of a luxury lodge lifted to the edge of space by a huge balloon.

Space Perspective Last Week

Revealed illustrations of its swish cabins, which it hopes to start launching from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida from late 2024.

With Five-Feet High Windows

Deep seats, dark, purple tones and subdued lighting, the atmosphere contrasts with the white and sanitized capsules of its competitors.

Wifi Connectivity

And a drinks bar round out the 'Space Lounge' inside the company's Neptune capsule.

A 4 Billion-Year-Old Comet  Towards Earth

80 Miles Wide Is Headed