Trash bag jettisoned from  management first

space station in waste-

172 pounds

 (78 kilograms) of garbage was ejected in a specialized trash bag from the station's commercial Bishop Airlock on July 2 

The operation was

a test of Nanoracks' new orbital waste-disposal tech, and it went swimmingly, company representatives said. 

The trash bag contained

 used foam, packing materials, cargo transfer bags, office supplies, crew hygiene products and crew clothing 

The company added that 

 is considering using a similar disposal system on its planned commercial space station, called Starlab, which is scheduled to fly in 2027. 

Until now, ISS crews

 have disposed of unneeded items by piling trash into a cargo ship bound to burn up in the atmosphere 

But this novel trash

 disposal system on the ISS is not new to spaceflight overall.  

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