Solar Eclipse Is  How To Watch Live

Happening Tomorrow:

As Much As 64% Of The Sun

Will temporarily disappear from view Saturday (April 30), as a rare solar eclipse moves across part of our planet.

The Moon Will Pass In Front Of

The sun from the point of view of observers in a narrow band of Antarctica, the southern tip of South America, and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

If You're There In Person

Make sure to pack certified eclipse glasses, and never look directly at the sun with unprotected eyes.

The Visibility And Timing Of The

Eclipse will vary, depending on where you are standing. The eclipse is first visible worldwide at 2:45 p.m. EDT (1845 GMT). 

The Maximum Eclipse Happens

At 4:41 p.m. EDT (2041 GMT). Then, the eclipse ends at 6:37 p.m. EDT (2237 GMT).

For Those Who Can't

Catch watch the event in person, there will be at least one livestream of the event. 

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