See 5 Planets Align in the   Treat!

Night Sky This Month, a Rare

 All five naked-eye

 worlds will line up in their proper orbital order from the sun in our sky.

From left to right in 

the southeastern predawn sky, you'll be able to spot Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in a row.

 according to Sky&Telescope.

The five-planet fiesta will span 91 degrees of our sky on June 3,

You'll have less than 

half an hour between when Mercury first appears, and when it essentially gets lost in the glare of the rising sun,

The planets will shine

 in a row like that because they all travel on the plane of the solar system, known as the ecliptic.

But they won't be nearly

 as close to each other as they appear; each of these worlds is millions of miles away from the others.

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