Scientists Gene Hack  Aggressive Monsters

Hamsters into Hyper-

Scientists say that a little gene

 hacking turned adorable hamsters into vicious monstrosities.

Researchers at Georgia State University

found that the biology behind social behavior may be more complex than previously thought.

knocking out a receptor of vasopressin,

 a hormone associated with aggression, communication, and social bonding in both humans and hamsters instead seemed to supercharge the cute rodents' worst instincts.

This latest mysterious radio burst

l for the studies of social behavior because their social organization is more similar to humans than observed in mice."

Neural receptors and the behaviors

 with which they're associated may not be able to be turned on and off individually, and that attempts to do so may be fraught.

Developing gene-edited

 hamsters was not easy," Albers concluded in yet another understatement.

Scientists Discover 

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