Saturn's Weird Moon Titan  Finally Know Why

Look Like Earth, Scientists

Saturn's Largest Moon Titan

Features some very Earth-like landscapes: lakes and rivers, labyrinthine canyons, and soft sand dunes

However, These Geological

Formations on Titan are made of entirely different materials. 

Instead Of Water

It's liquid methane that flows through rivers, and instead of sand, it's hydrocarbons that blow into dunes.

For Years, Scientists Have Been

Stumped by how these landscapes came to be, given their un-Earth-like composition. But now they've determined a very plausible theory.

Because Titan's Sediments Are

Theorized to be made from solid organic compounds, they should be far more fragile than the silicate-based sediments found on Earth. 

Thus Nitrogen Wind And Liquid

Methane should wear Titan's sediments down to fine dust, which wouldn't  be able to support such varied structures.

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