Rocket Lab Delays Electron  Test To Monday

Booster Launch & Recovery

Rocket Lab Has Postponed The Launch

Of an Electron booster it hopes to snatch out of the sky with a helicopter after liftoff to no earlier than May 2 due to weather. 

Unfavorable Weather

Conditions are the primary reason for the launch delay, Rocket Lab officials said in an update

But The Company

Is taking the time to make final checks on its recovery system for the Electron rocket reusability test. 

Rocket Lab Representatives Wrote

"After a busy week of capture testing, and while we wait for weather to improve, we're taking an additional day for final helicopter ahead of our first mid-air capture attempt,"

Liftoff Is Now

Targeted for Monday during a nearly 2-hour window that opens at 6:35 p.m. EDT (2235 GMT).

Rocket Lab's Upcoming Launch

Called "There And Back Again," will mark the company's first attempt to recover an Electron booster's first stage in flight as part of a plan to reuse the rockets and lower launch costs. 

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