Rewritten Rule for Nuclear  Unleash 2x Power

Fusion Reactors That Could

Future fusion reactions

 inside tokamaks could produce much more energy than previously thought,

The nuclear fusion research,

 led by physicists from the Swiss Plasma Center has determined that the maximum hydrogen fuel density is about twice the "Greenwald Limit

The discovery that fusion

 reactors can actually work with hydrogen plasma densities that are much higher than the Greenwald Limit they are built for

It will influence the 

operation of the massive ITER tokamak being built in southern France, and greatly affect the designs of ITER's successors, called the Demonstration power plant (DEMO) fusion reactors

Donut-shaped tokamaks are

 the one of the most promising designs for nuclear fusion reactors that could one day be used to generate electricity for power grids.

The key was the 

discovery that a plasma can sustain a greater fuel density as the power output of a fusion reaction increases

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