Potential New Meteor  Event,' Says Nasa

Shower Is 'All or Nothing

A Blast Of New Meteors

May emerge during a tau Herculid meteor shower on May 30 and 31, but that's not a sure thing.

NASA Astronomer Bill Cooke Termed

The potential meteor shower milestone an "all or nothing event" in a blog post from the agency earlier in May.

Bill Cooke

"If the debris from SW 3 was traveling more than 220 miles [354 kilometers] per hour when it separated from the comet, we might see a nice meteor shower,"

Cooke Added

"If the debris had slower ejection speeds, then nothing will make it to Earth and there will be no meteors from this comet."

Orbital Data Showed That

The comet comes as close to Earth as 5.7 million miles (9.2 million km), orbiting the sun roughly every 5.4 years

The Comet Was First Observed

Almost exactly 92 years ago, by German astronomers, Friedrich Carl Arnold Schwassmann and Arno Arthur Wachmann on May 2, 1930.

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