Physicists Predict Earth Will 

Become a Chaotic World

Humans aren't just

 making Earth warmer, they are making the climate chaotic, a stark new study suggests.

The new research draws a 

broad and general picture of the full potential impact of human activity on the climate. And the picture isn't pretty. 

Researcher Orfeu Bertolami

 told "If the Earth System gets into the region of chaotic behavior, we will lose all hope of somehow fixing the problem."

 Scientists call it the

 beginning of a new Anthropocene era.Phase transitions in Earth's climate will lead to unpredictable patterns of seasons and weather.

If human activity is

 driving a phase transition in Earth's climate, that means we are causing the planet to develop a new set of weather patterns.

 If carbon output

 is controlled, things could be different than in a situation where nothing changes

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