On Monday, a broken  meteor shower.

comet could produce a

Stargazers might be in for

 a treat next week as Earth is expected to pass through the scattered remains of a comet, causing a meteor shower.

Earth will pass through

 debris trails left by a broken comet that shattered in 1995, according to NASA.

Onlookers can expect a spectacular

display if these fragments from comet 73P/Schwassmann-Washmann (SW3) are ejected at twice the normal speed.

According to Outtlete

a typical shower produces one meteor every minute, or about 60 per hour.

The speed and direction of

the fragments, on the other hand, will ultimately determine how much of a show onlookers will witness.

Bill Cooke, the director of

 NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, described the shower as a "all-or-nothing" event.

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