Newly Found Martian  Explanation

Auroras Defy Easy

Scientists With The

United Arab Emirates' Mars mission have spotted a 'worm-like' aurora stretching halfway across the Red Planet.

Discovery Of "Sinuous Discrete"

Auroras arising from solar activity interacting with magnetic fields, came from observations from the Hope orbiter, which has been at work since February 2021.

Mars Has Only A Patchy Magnetic Field

Making auroras tough to track down. Hope has already assisted with better observations of local, nighttime aurora varieties

But These Other Types

Of lights are nowhere near the scale of the new sinuous discrete auroras, which wrapped around half the planet. 

Observations At That Scale Required

Hope's unique ability to take whole disk "snapshots" of the thin Martian atmosphere in action, officials said.

EMM science Lead Said

"We are seeing discrete auroral effects on a massive scale and in ways we never anticipated,"

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