Boeing Reveals New  Replica Made by Adam 

Starliner Spacesuit with

Boeing CST-100 Starliner

astronaut outfit is making its debut with the public opening of a new NASA exhibit, but its reveal is not the only surprise

A replica of the second 

ascent and entry suit (AES) selected by Boeing for use aboard its new commercial crew spacecraft is now a part of "Gateway: 

But this spacesuit

 has yet to make history. Announced late last month, Boeing's choice of ILC Dover's AES came somewhat out of the blue. 

 Although astronauts have

to fly on the Starliner, BUT an anthropometric test device was dressed in the suit for the trial missions.

Boeing's next and

as currently planned, final Starliner test flight will carry a crew, who will also wear the David Clark suit

ILC has a long history as a 

provider of extravehicular activity spacesuits for NASA. The company made the garments worn by the Apollo astronauts

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