Astronomers May Have  Floating Black Hole

Detected a 'Dark' Free-

Ingenuity, NASA’s

autonomous Mars helicopter, was only meant to complete five flights. But the helicopter has flown 28 times

Preparation is underway for the

29th. Depending on dust levels and the schedule of the rover Perseverance, that flight could take place this week

Now Ingenuity faces a new

challenge: It’s unclear if the helicopter will survive the coming Martian winter, which begins in July.

Since a Martian year amounts

 to roughly two years on Earth, and the helicopter is in the northern hemisphere, this is Ingenuity’s first winter

As the solstice approaches

 days are getting shorter and nights longer, and dust storms could become more frequent

That all means

 less sunlight for the solar panels mounted above the helicopter’s twin 4-foot rotor blades. 

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