NASA’s Mega Moon Rocket to 

Return to Launch Pad

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS)

Will return to launch pad 39B in early June to reattempt its wet dress rehearsal, according to the agency.

The SLS Has Seen A Handful

Of delays as a result of two failed wet dress rehearsal attempts, which included various hardware issues.

The Moon Rocket Rolled Out To

Launch pad 39B in late March, but returned to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) on April 26, because of a faulty upper stage check valve and a small leak.

Engineers Successfully Completed

Work on a number of items observed during the previous wet dress rehearsal test,” NASA’s statement read.

The Rocket Also

Encountered a temperature limit issue, which paused the first rehearsal attempt for several hours.

The Rocket’s Propellant

Liquid oxygen, must be maintained at minus 297 degrees Fahrenheit.

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