NASA's Mars Lander Has  Live On The Red Planet

Only A Few Months To

The InSight lander

 will collect Mars science data as long as possible before power dwindles away by summer's end.

NASA's Marsquake-seeking lander

is squeezing out as much science as possible amid dwindling power supplies, but it likely only has a few months left for its mission.

 The Mars lander InSight is battling

a long-term accumulation of dust on its solar panels and is down to one-tenth of its available landing power of 5,000 watt-hours

 But exactly when InSight closes off

its instruments on Mars for good is a big unknown, as it depends on the weather, the spacecraft's performance and other factors difficult to quantify

  Principal investigator Bruce Banerdt 

said "It's exceeded our expectations at just about every turn on Mars, and so it may actually last longer than that,"

InSight touched down on

the Red Planet in November 2018 and made unprecedented measurements concerning seismic activity on Mars

Blood moon, Skywatcher  eclipse over New York

captures total lunar