NASA's James Webb  Catch

Telescope Has Comets to

 The James Webb Space

Telescope beginning science operations this month, scientists hope to unravel secrets about these icy comets.

James Webb's powerful infrared

instruments will be trained on three comets in the solar system. The goal will be to analyze the comets

 Comets are some of 

the most primitive bodies in the solar system, this information could reveal clues about the solar system's early life.

James webb will observe

 three comets, The first will be Comet Borrelly, and The second will be a main-belt comet — likely Comet Read

The third will be

 what's called a "target-of-opportunity comet," meaning a comet that hasn't been discovered yet.

Over Webb's lifetime,

 it'll eventually observe many comets, and will have lots of examples from these different classes

Another supermoon rises 

this month