Nasa’s Insight Lander's One  Down for Good

Last Selfie Before It Shuts

Agency Released A Photo Of InSight

Lander covered in red Martian dust on Monday, along with an announcement that the robot’s arms will soon be placed in a “retirement pose”

Since Its Solar Panels Are Covered

In dust, it produces less power. As such, it won’t be able to perform its usual functions over the coming months.

When Compared To Its First Selfie

Taken on December 6, 2018, you can really see the difference a few years on Mars without a vacuum can do to a lander.

InSight Was Launched To The

Red Planet on May 5, 2018 and landed six months later as part of a mission to study Mars’ deep interior.

Over The Course

Of its more than four years, InSight collected valuable data into the seismic activity on the planet. 

In fact, It Detected

The first ever quake on another planet and has since recorded more than 1,300 “marsquakes.”

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