Nasa Voyager 1 Space  That Shocks Scientists!

Probe Sends Data to Earth

NASA Voyager 1 Space Probe

Was launched 45 years ago and continues its journey far beyond our Solar System to study the outer heliosphere and the interstellar medium.

So, How Far Is Voyager 1

From Earth? It is has gone 14.5 billion miles (23.3 billion km) away, reports

It Is...

An iconic probe and has sent hugely important data back to NASA since launch.

But Now, The New Strange Data

Sent by the Voyager from the edge of the Solar System has left scientists shocked as till date there has been no significant errors reported by the probe!

Since The Voyager 1

Data is of critical importance, the engineering team is trying to solve the mysterious data sent by the space probe.

NASA Says An Antenna

Attached to Voyager, which is pointed at Earth to send data back, appears to be working but is sending back invalid data.

Boeing Finally Docks a 

Capsule to the Space Station