Nasa Visitor Complex to  Space Travel

Open 'Gateway' to Future of

If NASA's Kennedy Space 

Center Visitor Complex serves as a theme park for the space set, then its newest attraction is the agency's own take on "Tomorrowland."

"Gateway: The Deep Space

 Launch Complex," opening on June 15, invites the public to not just step, but fly into the future of space travel.

Unlike the fantasy-based

 experiences found elsewhere in Florida, though, Gateway grounds itself in the real activities of the United States' 21st century multi-user spaceport.

Upon entering Gateway,

 visitor center guests become "space travelers" and are immediately surrounded by authentic flight-flown hardware

Some of the spacecraft

 are transplants from the center's previous "NASA Now" gallery, such as the Orion Exploration Flight Test-1

As a showcase of the 

now and the near future(opens in new tab), the gallery is designed to advance as new developments are made in spaceflight.

Us Military Wants to   Systems in Space by 2027

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