Nasa Unveils Artemis 1  Windows Through Mid-2023

Moon Mission Launch

NASA's Artemis 1

Moon mission launch options run through June 2023 in the new calendar.

While Artemis 1 Rocket & Spacecraft

Are back in the shop for a few more weeks, NASA has released all the launch opportunities the mission has in 2022.

The Artemis 1 Moon Rocket Could

Lift off for a round-the-moon mission as soon as July 26, although the agency has plotted out dozens of launch possibilities

Between Then And

December 22, with even more launch options to the moon through June 2023.

These Dates Are Assuming

The Space Launch System passes its wet "dress rehearsal" that simulates fueling operations

And Overcomes The Problems That

Required a rollback from the launch pad to the Kennedy Space Center's Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) on April 26.

Spacex Moon and Sunrise  Just Incredible

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