'Sharkcano' View from Space   Erupting

Shows an Undersea Volcano

An underwater volcano 

surrounded by sharks sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but “Sharkcano” is very real

NASA’s Operational Land Imager-2

located aboard the Landsat 9 satellite, took striking snapshots of the submarine volcano, called Kavachi, erupting earlier this month.

Named after a sea god

 is a nod to the Solomon Islands' two species of sharks, according to(opens in new tab) NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

It’s one of the most active

 underwater volcanoes in this part of the Pacific and has been erupting nearly continuously since at least 1939

Scientists believe the 

volcano’s summit is roughly 65 feet below the water; Kavachi’s base is on the seafloor, about three-fourths of a mile below sea level,

“Sharkcano” earned its nickname

 after a 2015 expedition found two species of sharks, along with active microbial communities, living within the volcano’s crater.

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